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Blessed to Be A Blessing Foundation

Benefiting the homeless and those in need

Men, Women, and Children 

Small acts of kindness make huge impacts!

Everyday Hero 2018 Sherita Harmon created Blessed to Be a Blessing Foundation (BTBAB) which provides a helping hand through selfless love and giving by providing fellowship, meals, personal hygiene supplies, clothing, and other essentials to those in need. The foundation has provided approximately 1000 hot meals & toiletry bags to those in need to date thus far, as well as hosting holiday gatherings for homeless, abused, and abandoned youth at The Covenant House in Texas. Sherita, also a high school teacher, provides assistance to those in temporary need through BTBAB, such as donating ‘Dream Prom’ experiences for high school students who couldn’t otherwise afford to go to prom. As an extension to BTBAB, Sherita also developed a mentoring organization called H.U.G.S. (Helping Underserved Girls Succeed). H.U.G.S provides opportunities for girls in underserved communities to help foster positive relationships and to provide role models and mentors to help support them socially, personally, and academically. To learn more about BTBAB please visit